Scrap Metal Middlesbrough

Scrap Metal Middlesbrough is our primary service.  We are happy to buy Scrap Metal in Middlesbrough provided it is up to standard and has not been acquired illegally.  We are a proud Middlesbrough based company covering the whole of Teesside.

Scrap and Scrap Metal is our specialist area although we do offer services around Scrap Metal also.  For example we do also offer Demolition Scrap, Factory Dismantling, Manufacturing Scrap and Scrap Dealer Services.  We are building a reputation for our industry knowledge, integrity and customer service.

Customer service is something we are always keen to ensure is at the highest of standards.  Please Contact Us today to discuss how we can help you.

Our Core Values

We pride ourselves on our service offering and customer relations.  We have the highest of standards and take pride in our business.

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